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In raw form this hardneck is bold and spicy with a short lasting spice, but a long lasting garlic flavor. The intensity is light and crisp.  Roasted, this garlic is rich, and sweet at first taste. It reminds us of an onion when roasted.

Suggested use:  Sautéing, casseroles, stews, chilis, anything you wish to have a bold flavor.

Subspecies: Porcelain

In raw form it has medium heat and has a strong garlic potency with a sharp bite. When roasted it has a delayed heat, but a flavorful and lasting garlic flavor.

Suggested use:  Anything and everything

Subspecies: Porcelain

In raw form this hardneck is the most lively. It brings a high heat and is extremely potent. In roasted form it still has that “zip”, but a robust garlic after flavor. In roasted and powder form it can be described as sweet and buttery depending on what you roast it with. That makes it a great general cooking garlic and renowned for baking.

Suggested use: Beef Roasts, salmon

Subspecies: Purple Stripe

When in raw form, this garlic is spicy and has a horseradish flavor.  It is medium intensity and potent.  When roasted it cooks to a mellow (not overly spicy) garlic flavor. Cooks to a strong and rich flavor.

Suggested use: Homemade salsa, and venison

Subspecies: Rocambole

When raw, this hardneck has a “climbing and sharp” bite.  When roasted it has a slightly smoky flavor and is a medium intensity. It’s a great all-purpose garlic.


Suggested use:  Smoked or grilled food,

Subspecies: Porcelain

While raw it is very flavorful, robust with a mildly spicy zing. It has a great garlic “heat”.  When roasted it is sweet, mild,
and has a rich flavor.

Suggested use: Pickling and Italian Cuisine, powder is good for venison.

Subspecies: Purple Stripe

When raw this variety is pungent and has a “zippy” sensation(?). It has a long lasting spice with an evenly toned flavor. It has a radish-like texture. When roasted it is extremely mild and has a velvety flavor similar to Chesnok Red when roasted. It has a mild scape flavor.

Suggested use: Sautéing

Subspecies: Purple Stripe

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