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     Scapes are the stem that curls out of the top of the plant and is harvested in June time frame.  The flavor is a garlic, chive and onion all in one.  They have a short life span, approximately three months, and are an amazing product.  So get them when you get the chance!

     Garlic starts as fresh, beautiful, juicy cloves freshly removed from the ground in early July.  The plants are then hung, in a well ventilated area, to cure.  Approximately four weeks later (August), the plants are removed from the curing racks and we trim the stalks and roots for their introduction to the world.  For the next four to six months, the garlic remains fairly the same.  Now, due to variations in humidity and how well the plant cures, there are some that do not live up to expectations and in that case please contact us for assistance.  Garlic is an agricultural product.   It could look perfect on the outside and, for reasons out of our control, the inside could have bad cloves.  The awesome thing about garlic is, if one or two cloves fail to cure properly, the remaining cloves are separated from one another and will still be amazing.  


     Four to six months later (January/February), or sooner if not properly stored, the garlic deems it is time to start the growing cycle again. You will notice a sprout growing in the center of the clove.  This does not mean the garlic is bad, the sprout is edible and does not change the flavor of the garlic.  After January, you may notice shrinkage of the cloves due to the cloves aging.  If you notice the meat of the cloves turning brown or become very pungent we suggest you do not eat them.  

 Please store garlic properly for longest shelf life.



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